Arbikie Vodka

Posted by neale on February 5, 2015


Had a real blast shooting the Arbikie Highland Estate for Homes & Interiors Scotland at the end of 2014. The kind folk on the estate gave me a bottle of their incredible potato vodka to take home for the festive holidays. The whole operation up there is quite something else, and the end product is some of the smoothest most delightful vodka I've ever tasted, you can drink the 43% spirit neat if you want, it's that good.

So I thought I'd have a go at shooting the bottle, first attempt at ever doing so, and with a bit more effort, I reckon I could come up with something not too bad, this is a bit rough, no doubt I'll have a much around with it a bit more. Pretty simple lighting set up, shot in my front room with 5 lights in total. Here's a look at the set up, excuse the rotten image quality on the shot below, tablet camera is dire!