Behind the scenes

Posted by neale on December 23, 2014


I'm going to look at getting a regular behind the scenes section on the go, first things first, I need to get a better compact camera for shooting the shots on, as the Nexus 4 phone camera is completely shite. There's no getting away from it, I've been needing a decent compact for years now, but haven't quite got around to getting one, I reckon the Fuji X-Pro 2 might be a good shout when it's released, seriously tempting deals on the X-Pro 1 right now though.

When I'm shooting interior photography, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes that very few ever get to see. The lighting is one of the biggest factors once you have the composition and staging right, and for that I usually work with Gillian Welsh who art directs a lot of the shoots I'm on. More to follow in the new year.