Home & Interiors Scotland

Posted by neale on November 4, 2015



Summer went in a flash, some of the time in those months were dedicated to shooting some fairly impressive articles for Homes & Interiors Scotland. Issue 104 had some real challenges, especially when faced with such huge architectural projects as the one featured in the opening shot above. Some of my location lights were put under some severe strain when photographing Elin Isaksson at her studio in the middle of the Stirlingshire countryside, the heat in that place in the summer was enough to cause one of the flash tubes to crack. Got a great set of shots out of it though.




Working with Malcolm Duffin Interiors for the first time was a blast, he had a particularly strong project in a Georgian flat in the centre ofEdinburgh. The full sets of all these articles will be on the website soon.





As ever working with Pat Renson is always great. I've worked with Pat a good few times over the years, she always has great projects on the go I very much look forward to the next one.





This private residence was the pinnacle of the lot. Interior photography on rooms this scale present a real challenge when lighting, had a ball doing it, and learnt a fair bit along the way, quite a place.