Jessica Buckley Interiors

Posted by neale on December 9, 2014

Jessica_Buckley _Interiors_HIS.jpg

Had a real blast shooting Jessica Buckley's home in Edinburgh for Homes & Interiors Scotland. One of quite a few articles I shot for them in issue 98. Bold colours and textures were the name of the game, Jessica runs her own interior design company, so her Georgian flat was more or less good to go, Gillian Welsh was on board for art direction so I was freed up to take care of the photographic and lighting side of the operation. 

As ever I lit every shot, the colours had to be right, and using numerous strobe heads is the easiest way to ensure the colour are correct, I had to be careful with how I was bouncing the light, as to not get any colour casts. Jessica was a joy to work with, and her flat made for a really strong set of images. I think she was surprised at the amount of work that goes into interior photography, it's always good for people to see the effort and care I put into my work. I'll get the full set onto the website soon.