Moray Place

Posted by neale on February 20, 2015


Anyone in the South side of Glasgow will know about this Greek Thomson gem running parallel to Darnley Street hiding in behind the trees and railway line that runs through to East Kilbride. I've tried to photograph this a couple of times, the first time was in winter due to the client deadline, and this shot in the height of summer. The North West facing elevation makes it almost impossible to get any sun on the front façade, the trees on the west side of the building make it impossible to get any of the architectural details at the terrace end, so this was pretty much the only option, I had to crack the tripod up to it's full height at 2.8 metres to shoot over the hedge in order to get the whole building in. It's an amazing building, if you get the chance take a walk past, you can find out more on the history of it here.

This tripod is the business, there's no other way about it, from 44cm high at it's lowest to 2.78M at it's highest, one essential bit of kit if you're shooting architecture.


This was shot for Glasgow City Heritage Trust I've sold some prints as well, looks the part on mono.