More Portfolio Projects

Posted by neale on September 14, 2015


Sadly haven't had much time this last while to pursue the hi-fi product photography, plans are still in motion but work has a habit of getting in the way despite best attempts, and well.....summer is always a bit crazy with the workload, at the end of the day I'm not complaining. I did manage to fit this wee session in though, and with a fairly sizable shot list in mind I'll be looking to get a lot more shoots in as the winter rolls in, hopefully by the start of next year the ball will be rolling a bit more with a view to bagging more of this type of work. There have already been some interesting developments with the few shots I do have, which is the whole point. Keep those peepers keen, plenty more to follow soon(ish). Here's a BTS shot showing part of the set up, loving the Canon TS-E 45 for these shots real low distortion, really wish Canon would get on with the rumoured second generation model of this shift lens, if the new second gen ones are anything to go by it's set to be one amazing lens, one I'm using more and more to shoot interiors.