Pat Renson Interiors

Posted by neale on February 17, 2015


Had the pleasure of shooting this lovely Pat Renson designed interior in Auchterarder recently for Homes & Interiors Scotland issue 99. This was just before the work commenced for the 100th edition, which is going to print this week. At this point I was shooting at a crazy rate with art director and editor Gillian Welsh, weeks were passing with no days off, well worth the effort from all parties, we were pretty damn burst by the end of it all. I was really pleased with this set of shots, shooting for magazines with an art director is a great way to work, it forces you to look at things differently and not shoot the obvious angles. Some of these rooms were pretty tight, for getting the equipment in, so we were dictated in some respects as to what we could shoot. The selective lighting on the shot above worked well, enhancing the textures and creating a bit of dimension and separation.

The shot below took a fair bit of work, I emptied the van of all eight light heads to spark this one up, my only bug bear was the cable bottom left, there's so much to take into account when you're shooting with this much equipment though. The whole of January and February so far have been manic with the shots for the 100th edition, hence the website is still way behind, it's getting there though, the full set of this lot will be up there so, with more to follow..........


Here's the lighting prior to setting everything up, these lithium ion battery packs last for ages.