Portfolio projects

Posted by neale on April 27, 2015


Last couple of weeks have been fairly busy, ergo I've not written much in here of late, rest assured though there will be plenty updates on the website very soon. I've got some ideas and projects bubbling away in the background which will hopefully steer my portfolio in new directions, one of them I got under-way today at Loud and Clear in Glasgow.

Product photography interests me hugely, I've had a few good commissions in the past which has left me wanting to explore it a bit more. The skill required to do it properly is something I'm keen to learn, and with time I hope to get a decent set of shots together that I can move forward with. This was something I wanted to get on the go last year but the Glasgow Interiors book hoovered up every spare minute I had in 2014, which has turned into a successful venture.

One thing I've learned from today's efforts at Loud and Clear is dust. They've just had a new kitchen put into the showroom, and well there was dust, plenty of it, and despite getting handy with the duster, I still missed some bits on the stand, which if you look close enough are visible. While the shot is serviceable to the eye, I need to shoot it again. To get the time to photograph this amazing hifi equipment as I see fit is something I'll relish over the coming months, even with this one shot today it's been an education. You can see the rough lighting set up in the shot above, I did change the set up and composite a fair bit, but the bulk of the work was done in one frame, it's the small garnishes that were composited in that really finish it off though, the pen tool is the only way. I'm really loving the Canon TS-E 42 f2.8 for this kind of work, the compositional options it offers up are second to none, it does suffer from a bit of chromatic aberration at the edges, but you can get rid of the worst of it in ACR. Lovely lens.