Worth the effort

Posted by neale on April 26, 2019


Going the extra length when I'm on location or any other commission is something I've always strived to do, even when time is tight, pushing to make sure you're not cutting corners in my experience always works out in everyone's favour, least of all your own. If my name is going to be next to an image, I can't be left feeling it wasn't the best work I was capable of at that time. It does happen when I look on past work, but that's usually a good sign, as painful as it may be.

The spread of magazines above is a pretty good example of why this approach works for me. Each of the images in those full page adverts weren't shot for advertising, but for either the interior designer, kitchen supplier, building contractor or magazine article, you get the picture, the list goes on. The point being that the images were strong enough and well executed enough to become a full page advert. Those businesses chose those specific images to advertise their business to the world, this happens as a spin off from most of my commissions a lot of the time, and you quite often resell your existing work, which is the whole point of the business we're in. All that time tweaking the lighting, getting the staging and composition right, more often than not comes back to you. Not always, but then I've always got to have images that I want to show the world in terms of what I can offer as well, and putting your best foot forward in a saturated market has to be a priority.